Friday, November 13, 2015


I've been packing these out for a bit at work but never once bothered to pay attention to it.  Last night, I actually looked at the box and realized this wasn't some rehash of an old game system with a revamped look, but an actual gaming system I had somehow completely missed. 

I got home and looked it up and found that it's not just a gaming system, it's a Linux-based, open-source gaming system.  For $99.  Open-source meaning, you can do anything you want to any part of the device or operating system.  It also comes loaded with a dev kit, which means you can plug the system into your computer and design your own games, load them to the market place and sell them.  Well, you have to have a certain amount free to play because the deal with open source is everything is free.

Even more amazing is the size.  

Are you kidding?  That's it.  I've been trying to merge gaming culture with RV living and this thing may have just given me that wonderful missing piece.  And, now, for more info, is a banging hot, brilliant, gaming, nerd chick that I wouldn't be opposed to sleeping with if given the choice:

Like android based phones (Android being Linux based, and this system being Android based) there are normally two versions of an app... the free one that is limited in some way, and the full version for a $1 or something like that.

I'd always thought designing a game would be a fun thing to try because it combined all of my hobbies into one: writing/recording music, computer graphics, story writing/telling, video editing and... obviously... gaming.  The reason I never have is because I know myself.   I'm the type of person that; if I love something and have to do it as a job, I begin to hate it.  I didn't want to ruin video games for myself by designing them.  I had already ruined music, video editing and computer graphics for myself at one time or another as a result of doing them as a job and it took me a long time to get back into them.

But, it seems silly not to now.  It's all right there, it's all free.  Blender, Gimp, Ardour, Celtx, Unity, Ouya, Kdenlive... Every possible tool I would need for any type of game is now at my finger tips for free thanks to Linux, and having had the time to learn them thanks to Scott AFB giving me an extended unpaid permanent vacation to explore myself, I've learned them all pretty well.

For more information on the systems themselves, here is a series of really well done videos by a bloke from Aussie-land.

Air Droid?  Fuck yes.

And, for reference, I would not sleep with this man.

Alone in the Dark!  What a great old game!

In the 3rd video, you may have noticed he talks about all the emulators you can load.  I literally just did a video about loading an N64 emulator to your Ubuntu based system and finding out I can use it on a console with all kinds of other games makes me kiddy.  Like this video of a hot nerd girl washing the batmobile:

Part of me thinks I should end every blog with this video.

Oh, and here's my video about loading Mupen64Plus on your Linux based computer:

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