Friday, November 13, 2015

Gamer's + Tiny Houses

Back when I was in IT, A/V tech, graphic arts and other computer based careers, I played a lot more video games than I get to now.  It's a choice I've made, to catch up on music recording and run a YouTube channel.  I don't have the time to do those AND work a full time job AND still have time to game.  Not right now.  I plan to come back around to it in another year or so.

A side rant about that.  In having to choose which games to play in the little time that I have, I've found that 'Full Movies' and 'Long Plays' are a great way to enjoy the story lines of the games I opt not to play.  I started doing something similar a while back, but in an episodic format, so when I wanted to get the story line to a game like Halo prior to the release of the next installment in the franchise, I could revisit the storyline in a condensed format.  Now that Full Movies and Long Plays are something many people are doing, it's giving me the choice to skip certain games and just watch the those later.  Loved the Deadpool, Injustice and Alone in the Dark this way.  

Back on topic.  I would go to work, and then go home and game. My whole life was spent behind a screen. And to be clear, I'm not knocking it at all. I love to game. I love that capitalism has freed us as humans to a point where we don't have to spend every hour of our waking lives to try to scratch out a living.  I love that we can work 40 hours a week doing something productive to society, and frankly that isn't that difficult because we can do it just sitting at a desk drinking coffee, and enjoy the remainder of our time.  

Certain things became apparent to me while doing so. First, it doesn't matter where I live because I'm always in some sort of climate control. Second, I was wasting a lot of money renting an apartment or owning a house. Money I could potentially be spending on gaming.  Gaming systems.  Higher definition TV.  Etc... Just generally improving and expanding my overall gaming experiences.

It's often made me wonder why gamers don't look more into RV or Tiny House culture. If gamers are like me, and the ones I know generally are, I had too much space. I basically spent the majority of my time at home in my gaming room, which was 9x9, or sleeping. Which also doesn't require much space. But I was paying to heat and cool a whole 1200 sq ft house. Dealing with neighbors. Dealing with room mates. Cleaning. Maintenance. Property taxes. Yard work... omfg... I hate yard work. Bane of my fucking existence. But why? Why was doing all that? 

It was cutting into my gaming time. 

Now I live in an RV.  And my first year in the RV I got A LOT of game time in.  The lifestyle is cheap.  An RV or tiny house is essentially a glorified gaming room.  It's just the fridge of mountain dew is a little closer to the game chair.  Win.

The generally accepted gamer haven is an apartment.  Apartments maximize time by leaving the maintenance of the living space to a land lord.  But they are expensive.  And static.  Moving sucks.  If you get a great job in IT security in Dallas and you're currently in San Diego... fuck.  That's expensive.  And for a lot of people, prohibitively so.  I personally lost out on 4 different job opportunities in cushy IT positions because I couldn't afford the move.

Now, I understand there is a stigma with RVs.  They are just too similar to trailers to outsiders.  So, for perspective, here's some tiny houses.  Tell me that wouldn't be good enough for a gamer's bunker of mega-painful doom.

Gamers and nerds are total life hackers.  What could nerds accomplish if they set their sites on these tiny houses?  How could they tweak these things?  Doctor Who Tardis?  Enterprise themed?  Tron themed?  Just saying.  Even with no geek tweaks, as a gamer, you could be living debt-free, chasing job opportunities and spending more money on games.  How in the hell is that not a total win?

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