Friday, November 13, 2015


I've been playing Destiny now for about a month or two. I still don't know what it's about. The story feels as though it's been gutted somehow. There's so much missing.
A giant space ball called the traveler shows up and send man kind into a golden age, like the monolith in Kubrick's 2001.  Man moves out into space in or own solar system and colonizes.
Then bad guys show up. Not one group. Several. The Fallen, which are war like aliens. The Hive, which are like space demons. The Vex, which are evil robots that turned Mercury into a robot? And the Cabal, who's basically like the mafia. Think the Huts with Mars instead of Tattoine. 
As a player, you can be human, an exo; which is some sort of machine being, or an awoken; which I have no idea what they are. But you run into some in the asteroid belt. 
Are the exos made by man? The traveler? The Vex? You have no idea. And it doesn't appear to matter on the game. The awoken, where did they come from? And it doesn't seem to matter when you talk to the queen if you're like her or not. 
Going through it... I still don't quite know what the hell is happening. All I know is that the game looks beautiful and play is so smooth. It's a fun game. I just wish Bungie didn't dumb down the storyline and add a result make it incomprehensible. 
I hope they add to the storyline in the form of DLC. It seems like there was a lot more there, but for this reason out that, it was cut out. Unfortunate.
That being said, the chances that I will be playing the game much longer is unlikely outside of group play for special events. That's where the DOC should be focused. Not the story.
Additionally, an opportunity seems like it was missed with characters of different races. They should have had parallel story lines, but different dialogue that represented the different character races. The queen could have questioned the Exo race about ' killing it's own kind' in hunting the Vex.  Could have accused the Awoken character of abandoning their people to help the humans. Etc...
Just seems like opportunities missed.
I've also heard a lot more story was included, but prior to release, whoever manages the pocket book got the idea to release story content over time and make more money.
As a capitalist, I'm all about making money. But, one thing you need to do that with gamers is a dedicated fan base. Lol at Bungie's other venture with Halo. They made tons of money from that game BECAUSE of the story. They made tons of money on DLC because of the story.
Destiny had the potential to be a story of unbelievable proportions, but by trimming the story (if that is true), you lost a good portion of the audience thay would've paid for DLC.  I know I personally won't.
I'll just wait until it's free a couple years from now. If it doesn't become a free download, I'll just watch a long play on YouTube.  Course, I'm so uninterested in whatever the story might be, I won't lose sleep if I don't find out what happens or what anything means in the game.

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