Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Franchise Characters

Super hero movies are big right now.  The biggest they've ever been.  And it is drawing in so many huge name actors who want a chunk of the profit from a franchise character... but then can't wait to not be in the franchise. It's been both great, and frustrating as a fan. 

Take Robert Downey Jr.  His career was basically relaunched via Iron Man.  I think he's great as Tony Stark.  Yet, now he's very luke warm it seems about playing the character.  At least, that is the impression that is given.  There are other actors who are following this path.  They get the character role, and then have only a modest or diminishing interest in the character and what they can do with it as an actor. 

That doesn't appear to be the case currently with Henry Cavill as Superman.  After reading about him early on, and how he dove head first into the comics to get a deeper understanding of the character, I was happy.  It reminded me of Hugh Jackman when he landed the role of Wolverine and has just completely and thoroughly embraced it.  He put himself on a crash course to learn about the character and absolutely loves the fact that he gets to play the character.

After reading those recent comments, I'm even more happy.  I loved Man of Steel and I thought Cavill was an inspired choice for the role.  Finding out he loves the role and wants to continue and doesn't just see it as a paycheck or a launch pad like some of the actors makes me want to support the movies that much more. 

Tobey Maguire for example, didn't seem to dig being Spiderman... But Andrew Garfield LOVES it.  Which has made me love hiim as Spiderman.  Garfield's 2011 Comic Con appearance and following comments about Spiderman and how much the character meant to him, made me a fan of Garfield's.  And while a part of me wants Sony to lose the rights to Spiderman so they revert back to Marvel, I want Garfield to remain Spiderman because I like him as an actor, I like him as Spiderman, and he loves to be Spiderman which I think is the best part for me.

I just hope we get to see more fans of characters get to become the characters they loved growing up.  I think it makes for a stronger performance, a better movie and longer continuity because they want to continue playing that character for a long time.

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