Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mix Tapes

I'm sitting here watching Guardians of the Galaxy, which is an absolutely great movie. It occurred to me that Peter's mother gives him mix tapes. I loved mix tapes. I remember making them for friends to introduce them to bands I would find. I remember getting one from a girlfriend and our became our soundtrack when we were together. 

In the world of mp3 players and streaming music services, mic takes are a lost art.  My youngest sister never even experienced them. Makes me sad in a way. That was a very cool and personal cultural thing that heavily influenced me growing up. Now it's gone. 

I love where we are now, don't get me wrong, I'm excited where we're going. I've never been a fan of record labels, and now the tools are in the hands of the musicians to reach audiences, so I really love that. But creative destruction had it's losses. Mix tapes is one of them. 

I guess the new mix tapes is a shared playlist, but it's not quite the same. Assigning a few tracks to a playlist is not the same as taking the time to record a take in real time. It's like the difference between an email and a hand written letter. It's just more personal than the digital mimic. 

I should totally bring back the tape deck in my next car. Nobody wants to steal those.   And I'll get one of those mp3 tapes like I had in Korea. 

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