Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cleaning Up The Parks

 Love that people are taking the responsibility to clean up the national parks themselves.  And what better way to show vets of past wars we care than to have everyday, regular civilians who benefit from the actions of the armed forces donate their time and effort to maintaining monuments dedicated to those vets?  Why are we even paying lawn services for that to start with?  We could easily just create an online volunteer calender and let people sign up.  I'm not suggesting defunding or anything political.  Just that it would be an honor to clean something like the Washington Monument or the steps that Martin Luther King spoke from, not a burden.  The National Park Service could keep whatever they are getting for all I care.  Hell, having everyday folks cleaning the parks would actually save them money and allow them to improve facilities. 

But, what better way to introduce your children to the love of the environment and national parks than to go clean up a places like Yosemite, Glacier, Yellowstone or the Painted Desert?  It's easy to talk a good game on environmentalism and tell everyone else what to do, pay taxes and just forget about it; it's a lot harder to go out and take care of it yourself.  But it's also a lot more rewarding and certainly has a deeper psychological impact.  You're not going to be prone to something like littering if you spent an entire day picking up trash along a federal highway or cleaning a city park.  You have a vested interest in your community if you are cleaning it... if for no other reason than you don't want to have to pickup after an asshole.  And I'm not suggesting a requirement; people are doing this out of their own free-choice now.  Today.  Why not encourage that sort of spirit of actual service that can bring people together instead of the pretense of one that divides us apart?

I know my site is supposed to be Anti-Everything, but this just seems like a net positive. 


  1. Good story. I think we should all emulate this and do more for the people who have dedicated their lives to serving their communities.

  2. Yeah. And if people take to this sort of an idea, I would love to see it go a step further. I see no reason it can't be useful at the local level. There are areas owned by towns and counties that a community could take care of themselves.

  3. great to hear, we should have an all volunteer staff for park cleanings.

  4. I think could be pretty fun actually. I'm not sure you could get it year round, but starting with weekends might be a step in the right direction. Get church groups together or organize trips with REI it other groups. Maybe even just setting up little local non profits that just coordinate weekly cleaning trips and make them fun get togethers. Like, hey, this week were having a get together at fill-in-the-blank park and we're gonna do a clean up after.

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