Friday, January 25, 2013

Stevie Wonder + Guns = Awesome

So, celebrities are coming out to tell us how to live our lives again and what is best for us.  Stevie Wonder is just one of them, but this is so great that I had to post the video.

It's more safer to set aside the very bad grammer.  Set aside that he claims to have seen... anything... unless he's admitting to not actually being blind.  While I giggled at those, what I laughed hardest at was his big 'plan' to show how ridiculous American gun laws are.  Apparently there is a mass epidemic of blind folks shooting people that I was unaware of.  Equally funny, his solution to a problem that doesn't exist is to just not allow the blind to buy guns.  So, in case anyone that's blind wants to buy a gun, just premptively treat them like sub-citizens and suppress their rights... just in case.  It's for their own good after all, and who knows what's good for others like a celebrity who's been living with private security in the lap of luxury the majority of their adult life.  Those are opinions you can depend on. 

This, right after saying Obama defends the rights of people... except the rights like the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of RIGHTS apparently.  He's suggesting making a law that prevents law abiding citizens... LAW ABIDING CITIZENS... from practicing their rights.  We don't ban blind people from crossing the street because they can't see oncoming cars.  Why?  Because they're law abiding citizens.  I know he thinks he's being clever, but what he's talking about is the suppression of individual rights for people who've broken no laws... ie - criminalizing the innocent.  And wouldn't the ADA sue anyone who tried to treat the blind differently or limit their rights without just cause? 

Now, I realize he thinks his nifty idea is going to prove a point about the 'lax' gun sales laws in our country, but it's clear he hasn't thought about the other implications.  He's suggesting that we should just start thinking up any really unlikely set of circumstances and ban them without any reason... but last time I checked, the blind aren't making runs on guns.  So, hypothetically, if mute people want to buy a cellphone, we should just ban that preemptively.  They don't need that shit.  Get out of my phone store you damned mute.  Or, if people work at the post office want to buy a gun, we should just not-allow it because that one time, at band camp, a postal worker 'went postal'.  Or, if a def person wants to buy headphones, that crap just cannot stand.  When Dre made Beats headphones, they weren't for you def-bo.  Ban those pieces of crap right away.  Or I kill a whole town.

I could make arguments about the Army who trains to shoot in the dark and that there are actually blind people who own guns and have trained through processes I don't understand for gun defense in their homes, but I'm not because I imagine those people will make their voices heard if he actually makes his comedy film about buying a gun.  Course, now that I'm thinking about it... blind folks might be pretty damn sharp shooters in the dark during a break in.  Burglars would be dependent on sight, and the blind clearly aren't... hmmm... It's mostly a non-issue though, because you're suppose to announce you have a gun.  Pumping a shotgun sounds the same whether a blind person or not.

I also love how he believes 'there's a solution to every problem.'  The implication being that guns are a problem.  Not that murder is the problem and that there is already a law on the books in regards to murder, but guns are.  Not that murderers are the problem, but guns.  I mean, after all, the same people trying to ban guns to prevent murder are trying to give the right to vote back to murderers in prison.  So hilariously awesome. 

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